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Timofey Pletz


Timofey has been in all three situations of first working as a journalist, then moving in-house and then becoming a consultant, including for M: Communications, one of UK’s top agencies.

In 2013, he launched Detail Communications, the company behind Russia’s first media database Prior to this he was a part of the Russia and CIS team at M: Cоmmunicatiоns, a leading UK advisor on investor relations, financial communications, M&A and public affairs. Timofey has also worked at the award-winning IR team at NOVATEK, Russia’s largest independent natural gas producer.

Before becoming a communications specialist he spent several years as a journalist at Russia Today covering business news and was part of the Kremlin press pool that traveled with and covered the Russian President and Prime Minister. Timofey has a Certificate in Investor Relations from the UK IR Society. He is a native speaker of both English and Russian.